Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Much Fun, We Had To Do It Again!

Stylish’s Schedule:

Monday:  Jump over the boom and knock chin.  Visit local hospital and get four stitches.

Tuesday:  Run a high fever from the virus that is going around.  Show no signs of brain injury.  Nonetheless stress mom out.

Wednesday:  Fever gone.  Get head and neck checked by fellow cruiser expert in head injuries.  Adjust first cervical vertebra.  Continue to take antibiotics.

Thursday:  Go back for second neck check.  Antibiotics.

Friday:  Antibiotics.

Saturday:  Finish antibiotics.  Dad removes stitches at the end of the day.  Wound looks great.

Sunday:  Visit local friends.  Roughhouse with older girls.  Knock chin and start to bleed copiously under bandage.  Have Mom and Dad check.  Yes, the wound is fully reopened.  Return to local hospital for four more stitches.

Chin injury, mark II


Anonymous said...

Stylish, your chinny chin chin seems to be healing nicely.
Love Grannie

Kate said...

Stylish you are in good company, I too have a double set of stitches on my chin. Ask mom about it - she was there. Love Aunt Katie