FAQ (updated)

Q:  So.  Living on a boat, eh?  What are you talking about?
A:  We have sold off our many Things and replaced them with a single Thing. Namely, a 57 ft boat named Papillon.

Q:  What?!  Why?
A:  To have a family adventure!

Q:  No, really.
A:  To skip winter for a couple of years?

Q. ...
A:  Fine.  Erik is full of crazy ideas, and sometimes I like his crazy ideas.  So here we are.

Q:  What is the plan?
A:  We are going to head to the Caribbean in Fall 2010.  We will see how that goes, and plan from there.

Q:  Yeah, you did that already.  Now what?
A:  We crossed the Pacific, hitting the Galapagos, French Polynesia, Tonga and New Zealand on the way.  Next stop, New Caledonia and Vanuatu.  After that, we'll see.

Q: ...and that list is also both incomplete and partially incorrect.
A: Right, right. Well, we spent a year in New Cal instead of a week, skipped Vanuatu altogether and are currently in Australia. Oh, and we had a brief (2 year) boatless stint in Papua New Guinea. Happy now?

Q: Don't you ever get tired of being wrong all the time?
A: Absolutely not. It is one of my Mom Superpowers.

Q:  Did you finally learn how to sail?
A:  I'm getting there.  Now that I've found a seasickness mediciation that woirks for me, I'm doing a whole lot better.

Q:  How do you keep les petits enfants from going overboard at the first opportunity?
A:  A combination of offshore lifejackets, tethers and jacklines underway.  We also have lifelines and netting as a general thing.  So far, so good.

Q:  Stylish?  Indy?
A:  I think our girls deserve some privacy, thus the pseudonyms.  Our eldest chose "Stylish" for herself, and I think it reflects her nicely.  As for young Indy (that would be Indiana Jones), let me relate a story.  When she was 20 months old or so, we were playing in the backyard.  I happened to surprise her when she was standing beside the playhouse.  Without a moment's pause, she dove through the window beside her.  Dove.  Headfirst.  This was not an isolated incident. (update: six years later, they might be tired of those names. But too bad!)

Q:  Can I come?
A:  Yes!  We would love that.  But, if you do, remember: this is not a luxury ship.  We are not your perky cruise directors.  Papillon is our home.  We love to have visitors, and we will endeavor to show you a good time; there will be cocktails and white beaches whenever possible.  Just remember: a) we do not control the weather (yet), and b) the boat's needs come first, if only for safety reasons.  So roll up your sleeves and pitch in!  It's fun!

Q:  Are you ever coming back?
A:  Unless we will the lottery, the answer is yes.  Summer 2012 is our target for Real World Reintegration.

Q: Um, that was last year.
A:  Well, okay.  Target not met.  Summer 2014, maybe?  Or not.  But we will come home, pinky swear!

Q: And what is your utterly bogus claim now, Miss Liar-Liar-Pants-On-Fire?
A: End of 2016. I'm telling you! The smart money in the office pool is on December 13th. Or 31st. 6th? No, no, the 23rd, and not a moment later.

Q:  Who is writing this blog, anyway?
A:  That would be Amy.  Alas, Erik is not allowed near post-1800s technology: it goes kfffizip.  I may occasionally type out something he has written longhand, if I feel so inclined.  The young ladies may post occasionally, but otherwise, you can assume the Lady of the House Boat is writing.

Q: What happened to SAILfeed? Why aren't you writing for sailing magazines anymore?
A: As with all things in life, choices must be made. I've decided to spend my limited writing time on Other Things, including this blog. You'll have to come here for all of my stories.

Q: Any final words to add?
A: Indy is currently leaning so hard against me as she reads a Wimpy Kid book and nibbles on cherry tomatoes that I feel like Shel Silverstein's giraffe:
So I think I'll stop here. If you have further questions, ask them!