Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lessons learned

I'm back from a week of sailing lessons on Papillon.  Coincidentally, this was my first time sailing, ever.  Unsurprisingly, I learned a few things:

1.  You can never use too much sunscreen.  Ow.
2.  Mouth-pipetting diesel will make you throw up.  (lesson learned by observation only.)
3.  Dropping an air conditioner on your leg leaves a large, decorative bruise.
4.  Heeling over freaks me out.  I swear we tipped over about 60°.  (Erik says, maybe 15°.  But things fell over, didn't they!  Didn't they!)
5.  Mosquitoes are the enemy.  They are worse than the heat, worse than the waves, worse than snoring cabin-mates.  Sleep is impossible.
6.  A sunburn on your lower lip has the same effect as Botox.
7.  Sailing mnemonics were written by boys, for boys, if you know what I mean.
8.  Erik can fix anything.
9.  I thought consultants used a lot of jargon, but sailors have them beat, hands down.  Or, by a nautical mile? (groan)