Friday, December 16, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Boat

So.  When you got home from work today, had your spouse given away your bedroom to the painters two weeks ahead of schedule?

I have nowhere to sleep.
No?  Really?  Well, then your living room/kitchen/entire family area were dusty, buried and generally unusable, right?

Dust, dust everywhere.
When I picture lots of hot, sweaty men in my living room, it somehow looks different in my head.

I think my oven is under there somewhere.
At the very least, your spouse ripped out your fridge and started to build a new one, so you didn't have to endure the horror of cold butter or lunchmeats or anything.

Erik wearing a dust mask is always a good sign.
Guys, come on!  I'm getting a little self-conscious over here.  Tell me, please, that your outdoor spaces were jammed wall-to-wall with your indoor things.

Blueboard to starboard.

We had to put the cushions somewhere.
Hmm.  This might be getting a little crowded.
More crickets.  Okay, okay.  Well.  I know that definitely your loving spouse took over the last bit of open space you had to do fibreglass work.

Who doesn't love a little fibreglass?
Amy doesn't, that's who.
And after all that, where is left?  The girls' cabin.  And who doesn't like hanging out with two kids in six cubic feet of space on a hot day?


Well.  I just feel sorry for all of you.  Obviously my spouse loves me way more than yours loves you, you poor saps.  Enjoy your "clean homes" and "places to sleep", suckers.  Papillon Crew is subsisting on love alone these days, baby.


Anonymous said...

Ooh Amy I shudder at the thought. Somehow I don't think I will let your dad see these pictures before he has had his breakfast. I am weeping for you too.
Love Mom

Manateemama said...

Man, oh man, Amy! My heart goes out to you. However, I must admit that I'm pretty darn excited about the final product! Big hugs to you all. Larisa

Tamara said...

I know this is a stupid (STOOOOOOPID!) question, but why didn't you paint the boat before your trip? I really want to believe there was a logical reason behind this chaos.

PS: Your posts keep getting funnier. Probably because your painting situation keeps getting crazier. So please keep up the shenanigans.

Aeon said...

I'm right there with you. My spouse loves me just as much as yours loves you. But just remember, even though this love seems like it will go on forever, it won't. There will be a time, not that far in the future, when you will have a place to sleep and a clean home. I don't mean to be cruel, but I've been where you are and (I promise) it just doesn't last forever. So enjoy it while you can. :) Aeon