Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At Home in Papua New Guinea

I´ve unpacked the bags and stowed the suitcases. No more waiting around for visas, no more airplane rides - we´re home now, and I plan to be sessile for the foreseeable future. The island is beautiful, our neighbours are friendly, and I have no reason to move off my porch.

Except, a troop of kids are marching up my driveway. And we´ve been invited to the pool. And a barbecue. Disco in the park. Movies, neighborhood-wide hide-and-seek... complete fun overload. I think I need another cup of tea.

Needless to say, the girls have settled in like they have been here for years. Whether they are especially adaptable from years of cruising or whether the local kids are just delighted to have new kids in town is up for debate. School holidays end on Monday, and all of the youngsters in town are determined to make the most of their days off.

But even the most energetic kids need a break. After a week of running here, there and everywhere, the girls decided to have a quiet morning of Lego.
Of course, they decided to set up shop in my office, but that´s life. Who needs a quiet space to write, anyway?

Later on, it was bicycle time. As you might imagine, the girls don´t have a lot of bike riding experience. Lovely as it is, the deck of Papillon isn´t quite that big, and even Erik doesn´t own enough Lanocote to keep bikes from rusting in the lazarette. So getting real, actual bicycles was a big event.

As for me, I´m enjoying getting to know the neighbours, finding my way around, and having the odd quiet moment with Erik on the porch.
I think we´re going to be happy here.


Anonymous said...

With the wrap around porch of my dreams & a view to die for plus more space than you have had in years, you will all settle in PNG very nicely.

The 2 girls look very pleased with their new bikes.
Enjoy the good life while it lasts
Love Mom

Maialen Uranga said...

Enjoy your stay ;)