Sunday, September 7, 2014

Accounting For My Time While Waiting For A Visa

Waiting for our visas to Papua New Guinea is taking forever.  So, what have we been doing in the meantime?

1. Swimming.

2. Going to the park.

3. Preparing for the apocalypse.

4. Looking at giant squid.

5. Braiding anything that stands still long enough.

6. More swimming.

7. Ferris wheeling.

8. Riding the City Hopper free ferry.

9. Hula hooping.

10. Looking at chopped-up orcas and oversized angler fish.

11. School. (not pictured)

Call me jaded, but I am bored as stink.  Get me into the jungle, ASAP.

1 comment:

Little Red and the Wolf said...

Great photos. It makes me miss my beautiful nieces even more. They look so huggable enjoying life.

Love Aunt Katie