Sunday, January 8, 2012

Huevos especiales

Hola, amigos!  I am Señor Huevo.  Let me introduce you to the muy interesante world of Colombian eggs.

Most of the time, I am casual.

I am a relatable character.  Just look at my hat!
But sometimes, I put on my sombrero, and then, look out!

I enjoy my close, personal relationship with the Disney corporation.

That will be an extra $10, please.
 Some days, my heart is so filled with love, I must give things away!  Like rice!

Mi Amiga Señora Chicken invites you to come hither and take something from her basket.
But best of all, I love my friends.  Ha ha!

Those egg friends know fear.
And now, amigos, I must say adiós.  The good people at Carulla insist that Señora Amy stop taking pictures in their store.  I will miss you.  But remember, Colombian eggs are the fun eggs!


Kate said...
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Kate said...

Very interesting. But did you notice the egg in the middle looks like he is having fun... But the girl eggs don't look so happy. Who doesn't love selling stuff with harassment.

Anonymous said...

I was so looking forward to the pirate eggs! Different strokes for different folks.

Senora Amy we love the pictures.

Knowing that the eggs are 100% natural is assuring too.
Love Mom