Monday, January 16, 2012


For Sale: Spouse
As-is condition

Wife seeks new situation for relentless serial home-improver husband.  Ability to deal with dust, destruction and major inconvenience a must.  Beautiful results guaranteed for the patient new owner.

No refunds or returns.  Absolutely no trade-ins.

It's just some primer.  Pretty benign so far.

Wait... a tent?

Yes, it's a tent.  Goodbye, stove and pantry.

Boba Fett prepares to enter the fridge area.

Ready to paint!

And that is why the tent is up.

Ta da!  A beautifully painted fridge box.  Now, if we could only make some lids...


Anonymous said...

The new fridge/freezer is truly a masterpiece. How much has the capacity been reduced?

Now if you could only order in or have maid service deliver all your meals you would be all set!
Love Mom

Kate said...

Take a vacation from that mess - come visit us in Toronto. Leave the spouse behind to finish up. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it would depend on the price ;-)