Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time flies

What do you mean I haven't posted in two weeks?  C'est impossible!  C'est ridicule!  And I have so much to talk about.  The joys of shipping things to a foreign country.  Convincing my bank / credit-card-company / retailers-of-all-sorts that I really am me, even though you can't contact me at my home phone number, and that shipping something to Honduras and not my billing address does not necessarily mean FRAUD is at work.  Amazon Kindle cords that dissolve.  All this and more awaits you, but not today!  Today I am busy calling the aforementioned bank / credit-card-company / retailers-of-all-sorts so I can please, please, pretty-please get my inverter/charger, books, birthday presents and money down here.

Instead, adorability!

Devil.  In a good way.
 And a very happy birthday to my many, many relatives with August birthdays.  As soon as I can put more minutes on my Honduran prepaid phone, I'll call.


bunny9 said...

Love the pictures

Kate said...

Cutest Devil ever. LOL. And love to all