Friday, July 15, 2011

Guatemala Roundup

If all goes well, we should be departing Guatemala for Honduras at this time this post appears.  This is a tricky undertaking; we can only leave the Rio Dulce during the full moon high tide, because the mouth of the river spots a nasty shallow muddy bar, and we draw 6.5 feet.  So we have a short window of a few days each month when we can leave, weather permitting.  As hurricane season will only grow worse, we'll either leave this week, or not until the fall.

But let's assume that all has gone well and we are out at sea.  What did we do in Guatemala?

We climbed some Mayan temples:
I'm the queen of the castle
 Toured the rainforest canopy:
Tether mandatory.

You mean, I shouldn't jump down there?
 Played croquet on the fourth of July:
Even Indy is a princess sometimes.
 Lit confusingly-labelled sparklers:
Electric how, exactly?
 With predicable results:
Ow.  Stylish has an unfashionable hole in her foot.
 We lazed around some:
Sharing a hammock as only sisters can
 Ate some apples:
 Enjoyed a waterfall with hotsprings:
Look!  Even Mom is there!
 And just generally admired the view.
And that, my friends, is Guatemala.


bunny9 said...

Now there is a place that I could see myself visiting. Hope the foot gets better fast. Love to all & safe journey.

Anonymous said...

Hello! How is boing your Adventure? I am now in munich doing interrail! I hope everything is Fine. Best wishes, maialen.

Anonymous said...

I always love your posts, thanks!


Kate said...

Love the pictures. Tell Stylish and Indy to stop growing up. They are already too cute.