Friday, March 18, 2011

This is not my boat

One thing I've noticed about Florida, it is full of motor boats.  Little fishing boats, condo-like trawlers, Bond Villain speeders and floating palaces.  There are sailboats, to be sure, but we are severely outnumbered.

During our endless stay in Dania Beach, we passed by Paul Allen's boat, Tatoosh, a number of times.  You will not be surprised to hear that Tatoosh is somewhat fancier than Papillon.

Now, think back to your childhood.  Do you remember those pictures with the hidden objects?  "Find eleven hidden objects in this picture of an apple orchard."  Remember?  Good.  Let's play Hidden Objects with Tatoosh.

Did you find them all?  Let me help you out.

That's right.  Tatoosh has two extra motorboats, a big sailboat and a helicopter perched on top.  The mind boggles.  I cannot speculate as to why one would need these spare vehicles aboard one's floating city block.  Maybe Mr Allen likes to organize races amongst the crew.  Maybe they are even death matches. I can see it: the crew goes about their days in a state of tension, because the moment the big man gives three harsh blasts on his whistle, you'd better scramble into something, anything, because getting left behind means getting ritually maimed then thrown to the sharks.  Then it's down into the water or up into the sky, the navigator ripping open the sealed rally packet of gps waypoints, praying to win, because that means one less night in the hole...

Okay, that probably doesn't really happen.  But I also speculate that Mr Allen never has to clean Cheerios out of the cockpit floor or remove Barbie shoes from the bilge.  And I stand by that assertion.

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Anonymous said...

another hidden object: a submarine!

bonne fin de mars!