Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Eat Onboard

Step 1:  If you want to eat it, first you have to catch it.
Reel her in, boys!
Step 2:  Pause to look triumphant.
Behold the majestic skipjack tuna
Step 3:  Butcher on the leeward side of the boat, preferably in a contained area.  Trust me on this.
Don't be so squeamish - it's just fish blood.
 Step 4:  Post gratuitous viscera shot.
Totally unnecessary.
Step 5:  Cut that baby up into steaks before the sun gets ahead of you.
Butchering is part of our first grade curriculum
Step 6:  Be sure to wear disposable nitrile laboratory gloves for maximum nerdy effect.
I heart science
Step 7:  Notice your steaks are nicely divided into quadrants.  This is a key feature for the bone-removing-challenged among us.
Step 7:  Pause for critical Adorable Offspring Break.
Stylish and Indy want fish!
Step 8:  Grill outdoors, unless you want to live with the smell for the next month.
Photo by Stylish
Step 9:  Enjoy!
Thank you, Mr Skipjack!


bunny9 said...

Yum, save some for me next time!

Karen said...

TUNA! Delicious. Good job!