Thursday, July 16, 2015

Banana Shopping

I told you all a giant fib. I won't be writing my next hotly-anticipated Moving the Boat segment this week. We're off to the PNG Mask Festival, so the thrilling tale of our wavy trip from Noumea to Brisbane will just have to wait a little bit longer.

In the meantime, I present the following educational piece:

How to Buy Bananas in the Tropics

Step 1: Look off the porch. Notice bananas growing behind your house are ripe.

Step 2: Grab a machete.

Step 3: March off into the bush, followed by your adoring offspring.

Step 4: Cut down the bananas.

Step 5: Emerge triumphant.

Step 6: Show off your kill.

Step 7: Pose.


Paul in Iowa said...

What fun!! My wife and I lived in Suriname, Ecuador and Guatemala for three years a long time ago. No better food than fresh from the jungle. We loved the way the local people would prepare their fresh produce. Miss it so much here in Iowa. But so much better sweet corn here, and it is ready!

Your girls are so growing!!! What a life for them, and they think this is normal and nothing special about it. Kudos to you for recording it for them and their families.

Bruce Ellen said...

I lived in Lae PNG with my wife and young children 49 years ago.
The photos bring back memories as I did exactly the same thing.
Did your bananas ripen.
Ours didn't [ cooking bananas ]
We were greener that the bananas.
Cheers from sunny Queensland.

Dick Murdock said...

Don't forget to check for tarantulas before taking chopping down.