Monday, June 29, 2015

Moving the boat, part 1: Noumea

It was tough to choose the first photo for this post. On the one hand, most of our time in Noumea looked like this:
Not a holiday.
But on the other, returning to Noumea felt strangely like going home. Exciting, but bittersweet. The girls and I lived there for almost a year. In that time they went to school, we made friends, and began to integrate ourselves into the community. The moment we landed, the girls wanted to visit everywhere and see everyone - our favourite bakery, their old schools, the best spot on the beach. And, of course, their friends.

We couldn't walk down the street without bumping into an old friend. It was wonderful. It was tough.

So we tried to give the girls as many good moments as we could steal.

Homework on the beach.
Rollin' with my clonies.
But the reality was, we had a lot of this to do.

Paper coveralls - the height of French yachting fashion.
That left the girls doing what they do best: reading in cramped and uncomfortable places.
It's a life skill, honey. You'll thank us someday.
But we got there in the end. Behold, our new prop shaft/stern tube assembly!

Okay, look, I need you to cheer just a little bit louder, guys. This project took longer to gestate than a baby elephant, and ate as many resources. You have no idea how exciting these pictures are. Thank you; that's better.

The day came when the project was complete. Erik installed the final centerboard sheave, and we were back in business. Time to go back in the water.

And there was much rejoicing.
 And much laundry.
Less enthusiastic hooray.
Next time: rolling over the ocean without a toilet.

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