Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things I've Learned This Week

1. Nothing makes a child happier than a new tool kit...

...especially when she gets to decorate it herself.

2. No matter how authentic the costume, Erik doesn't make a very convincing Frenchman.
What do you mean, I look like a German spy? I am French, I tell you!
3. I can draw a pretty good dragon using eyeliner. I have finally found my artistic medium.

4. Stylish can sew an awesome dress without help from anyone.

5. I don't care what anyone says; funny translations are funny translations.
I will make sure my bread isn't infected with wreckers, as instructed.
6. If you let your kids play with food colouring, you get what you deserve.


Karen said...

That looks like a really fun week!

Anonymous said...

Audrey, Poppa loves your new tool kit. He wants one just like it.

Martha, I love your new dress & can hardly wait to begin sewing with you.

Erik, what can I say: a fashion model.

It sounds like everyone has had a wonderful vacation.
Love Grannie

JEN Garrett said...

Fun post! It's amazing what you learn in a week, isn't it? JEN Garrett