Monday, March 2, 2015

Teeny Tiny Sailing

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the prolonged absence. My lungs and I had a serious disagreement. They decided they would be happier outside my body, and attempted to cough their way to freedom. I was of the firm opinion that we would both be better off if they stayed inside my chest. That is just the kind of hard-line organ traditionalist that I am. Eventually they saw things my way, but it took three weeks and a lot of coaxing.

By Sunday, I was well enough for an outing. Erik saw his chance. He has been determined to try out the sailing dinghies we found, and mounted a campaign of persuasion. Over the past few weeks, his conversation was peppered with statements like:
"I'd like to check whether that epoxy set properly in the dinghy."
"A couple of those dinghy sails are still in decent condition."
"I'd love to test out the rig we found, and see if anything else need to be replaced."
And, when the Well of Subtlety had run dry:
"We should try out the sailing dinghy this weekend."

Sure enough, the epoxy had set and the dinghy didn't leak. The battens we found were slightly too short, but were more than adequate to toodle around the harbour. And toodle we did!
Far be it from me to pour salt in the wound that is a North America winter circa March. Many of you have no control over the fact that you are suffering through icy winds, meters of snow, and the general hopelessness that sets in around this time of year. But for those of you who keep asking when we are moving home, I submit the following:

Your move, Ontario.

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Paul in Iowa said...

What FUN!!! I can hardly wait to get our little dingy out this summer (I am rebuilding our 21 foot sloop). My 16 year old daughter is part-time homeschooled and for her physical ed class this semester, I put together a sailing course for her. Her final exam will be rigging, launching, sailing and docking it as the captain and me as the mate on the 12 foot dingy we have with a lateen main and small jib. I am also very eager to get the SeaRey amphibious plane out on the water too (not my specific plane but a good taste of it: The winter makes us appreciate the open water. Enjoy your time with those girls, it flys by so fast.