Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In-transit Interlude: Q&A

Q:  What do you do when your parents take a breather from dragging you around to tourist hotspots?

A:  Roll down a hill with your friends, of course!

Q:  How do you undo 2.5 years of sailing in 20 hours?

A:  Fly home for a visit.

Q:  How do you explain said "long" flight to your progeny?

A:  "It is like an overnight passage, except you aren't allowed to move out of your seat unless you need to use the bathroom.  Plus, someone brings you food occasionally and there is a small TV you can use."

Q:  What kind of reaction will you get?

A:  A puzzled frown.

Q:  Amy, you really don't have anything to write about today, do you?

A:  Not so much, sorry.  And I'm afraid our flight leaves tomorrow morning, so I have to go rejig the bags that certain people I am married to or the mother of have torn through like an invading army searching for plunder.  But don't worry.  I'll unpack my writing cap when I get back to Canada.  Pinkie swear.


Kate said...

Hooray!! Can't wait to see you.

Love Kate

Anonymous said...

Yippee we are counting the hours
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

So excited to have a visit with you. JK are very excited to have Audrey coming to school!! Safe travel.