Monday, October 8, 2012

Papillon Joins SAILfeed

That cut on my hand?  That's cruising, baby!
Hello, everyone.  I’d like to welcome some new readers to Sailing Papillon.  The good people at SAIL magazine invited me to join their blogging community, SAILfeed, and so I am delighted to say that Sailing Papillon will now also appear at  The blog and archives will remain on my home site (, so you can find the blog in either spot.  There are sailing blogs and shiny boats of all sorts at SAILfeed, so be sure to take a peek.  If my blog isn’t there yet, it will be soon.  (I’d check myself, but we’re currently somewhere between Tahiti and Tonga, so I guarantee your internet connection is better than mine.)

To those of you new to Sailing Papillon, welcome!  My name is Amy, aka Papillon Crew, aka Mom.  For the past two years, I’ve lived with my husband and two girls aboard a 57 foot Bill Tripp Sr custom yawl from the ‘60s.  During that time, we have sailed from the Chesapeake to French Polynesia, and we plan to reach New Zealand before cyclone season gets going this year.  I’ve written articles for SAIL and other sailing magazines, and I write this blog about our family experiences aboard.  Cruising is about more than just sailing, you know.  I may not be able to explain how to fix a marine toilet, but I can sure tell you how much fun those thirteen hours are for the whole family!  I post on a weekly basis (sometimes more often, but rarely less), whether by internet, or, failing that, using the good old SSB.  Please feel free to comment, or to drop me a note.  I look forward to sharing our adventures with you!


Tamara said...

Congratulations, Amy, for this much deserved attention! I'm sure your new readers will love this blog as much as I do.

As you know, my family traces your route with each blog post. We are curious about what the future holds. Can you give us a preview of where you are heading? And do you have a sense of the total duration of your travels?

Thanks for the continued updates. Big hugs!

Kate said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Glad you are (more)famous now.

Love Kate and Red

Anonymous said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to the entire Papillon crew.

Well done Amy.The SAIL-Papillon connection should be a winner.

Enjoy this leg of your journey.
Love Mom/Grannie