Friday, September 28, 2012

Why did the chicken cross the road?

You live on a boat.  You find an excellent deal on 10 kg of frozen chicken.  But when you get it home, you find it is one big fully-frozen chunk of chicken parts - a chickeny-ice-cube far too big for your little freezer.  What do you do?

Cut it into freezer-friendly pieces with a Sawz-all, of course!

This is my life.  For.  Reals.


Anonymous said...

And now I think that I have seen everything.

Erik looks like he is having way too much fun!
Love Mom

Tamara said...

That last shot of Erik is nothing short of awesome.

Are those solar panels on the bow? I would love to see a little tour of the technology that you have on board.

Bon appetit!

Kate said...

Ha ha ha. Hope the chicken bricks taste good.

Anonymous said...

Waaayyy to funny!! It certainly doesn't look to appetizing!