Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When Sealions Attack

People, I've been busy.  Not just because we are in the Galapagos, but because...

Ta da!
And ta daaa!
...we have surprise visitors!  And not just any visitors - our most frequent visitors, Grannie (6 trips) and Little Red (3 trips)!  They came on Sunday to surprise the girls, and are here for a glorious week.  This trip only got booked on Thursday, so I want all of you to bask in the glow of spontaneity emanating from my mother, and to apply this lesson to yourselves.

"All right, Amy, well and good.  Your mother is a shining example to us all.  Now what is this I hear about a Dangerous Situation?"

And right you are for asking.  As you may have noticed in earlier posts, I am keen on the sealions.  They are delightful and adorable.  They sleep twenty-three hours a day, and eat and frolic the other one hour.  They are truly the cats of the sea.

Whose turn is it to be cute right now?
But!  Who knew that danger lurked around every corner?

Witness the vicious attack Erik sustained from this baby sealion :
Come play with meeeeeeee!!!!
I know.  It's shocking.  The baby's mother was swimming back and forth nearby, barking at her pup in a most annoyed way.  You could almost hear her say, "Baby, leave those snorkelers alone.  This is a nature reserve and we aren't supposed to touch anything.  Baby!  Let go of that fin!"

But Baby was not finished.  Young Indy was standing at the water's edge, watching everyone else swim, when nip!  Love bite.

Baby strikes again.
Indy was outraged, but it didn't keep her (or anyone else) out of the water.  Grannie and I took her for a short walk.  And when we returned, what did we find?

Not again.
Right.  Stylish got a love bite, too.

We decided that was enough fun for one day, and we packed up before Little Red could join the group of Baby's potential playmates.  I hope that little sealion found someone to play with, because she was desperate, poor thing.

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Kate said...

Great photos!! Hello to all. Wish I was there too playing with the seals.

Our new kitten has also been getting too friendly, he likes to nip. If Red missed out on the seal I bet the kitten will make-up for it soon.

Love Kate