Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Conversation With My Family

Amy: So, girls. People want to know. How are things going on the boat so far?
[Silence. Everyone is watching Erik cut up mangoes we just gathered in the forest nearby.]
A: Come on guys, help me out here. Everyone is tired of listening to me talk. Let's hear from you for a change.
Stylish: [grabbing the mango bowl] Everything's just fine.
A: You've got to give me more than that.
Indy: I need a fork. Dad cut up two mangoes.
[Erik produces forks. Stylish and Indy spear mango slices at an alarming rate, narrowly missing each other with each stab.]
A: Ladies, please. Tell me about life on the boat.
[The sounds of eating, then a tussle over the mangoes.]
Erik: I'm going to lose my mind if mango gets smeared all over this boat!
[Calmer eating.]
A: Doesn't anyone have anything to say about Papillon?
I: It's fun and it's nice and we should keep it.
S: I quite like my bedroom.
A: You girls are hard to interview. Any messages for your public?
S: No.
A: Well, what do you like doing aboard?
I: Playing, fun. Eating mangoes.
[Renewed mango tussle as the bowl empties.]
A: [exasperated] What do you like doing when you're not eating mangoes?
S: [opening The BFG to her bookmark.] Reading.
I: [Disappearing down the companionway] Duplo and Barbies.
A: I'm not sure I can post this. [Looks to spouse for support. Erik is also now reading a book.]
I: [From below] Mom, give me some Cheerios.

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