Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring Roundup, or, What Are You People Doing Out There?

A brief glance over my recent posts highlights a deficiency: I’ve given you, dear reader, precious little information about what we are currently doing on Papillon.  Not that I was ever very forthcoming on that score, but I think a brief overview is in order.

We have been in Mexico at Isla Mujeres for almost two months now.  That is a very long time, and certainly our record. 

Midway through, we took a trip to see friends, taking us through Villahermosa and Mexico City.  We ate pain chocolat, and lived a civilized life.

Mmm!  Breakfast chocolate!
We did land-type things: attended birthday parties, bounced on trampolines, participated in fashion shows.  You know - kids' stuff.

You try and give me princess makeup, I'm gonna break your face.

Runway model Stylish
And here we now are, all back onboard.  Erik is back to fixing water makers and outboard engines.  I’m back to... well, doing what I was doing, but with another adult onboard.  The girls are delighted to have Daddy back, although Indy has made him pay for it.  While he was away, she would try to talk to him via the VHF: “Daddy, stop working and come home, okay Daddy?”, but once he was back for good, she gave him the cold shoulder to show just how mad she was that he left.  Stylish has a longer memory of Daddy as a Working Man; although she was very sad when he went away, experience told her he was coming back.

Apropos of nothing, here is a video I took of flying dancers outside the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (not to be missed, people).  Watch carefully, the flute player and drummer are spinning, too!

We were at the museum to do some research on the Maya before visiting Tulum (cool) and Coba (so much cooler).  Tikal will come later.  Because living on the boat is all about field trips!  Here is Stylish booting up a pyramid at Coba like a super-fit mountain goat.

Run, Stylish, run!

As I write, we are preparing to head south to Belize.  Yes, it is time to set sail once again.  I am armed with some fancy new seasickness medication, banned in the US, which I’m hoping will finally kick my headaches to the curb.  Hooray!  This also means that we are losing our internet connection.  But, fear not, we will still have very brief text-based email via the ham radio.  I may send the odd blog post out into the ether that way, but the photos will have to wait.  In any case, I am still glad to get your questions and comments; I makes me feel less like I am writing to myself.

Until we meet again, dear reader!

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bunny9 said...

Go Stylish go! Indy & I had a wonderful sleep in the van didn't we Indy?
It still make me feel slightly sick look at the flute player & his merry gang of friends.
Enjoy your trip on the open sea.