Thursday, May 12, 2011

Home again

Did you miss me?  Of course you did.  Well, those of you who sent in questions did.  To the rest of you lurkers - and I know you're there - shame on you.  You people could have come up with something.  I'm looking at you, relatives.  (Except CLL, who is made of win).

Our trip was a great success. I'm tired, so I am going to leave the questions for another day.  Instead I present you with a brief account of the day of our departure.

0424  Wake up.
0500  Unload small people from the boat in the dark and high winds.  Depart marina and find taxi.
0530  Ferry to Puerto Juarez
0600  Taxi to Cancun airport
0630  Arrive at terminal in plenty of time for 0800 flight. Stare bleary-eyed at screen and wonder what FBO means under the gate assignment.  Information stand is closed.  Decide to eat breakfast.
0705  Aided by a passel of waiters, determine FBO is another terminal.
0720  Board shuttle.  Beg driver to take us to FBO, which is a request-only, unscheduled stop.
0742  Check in with blasé girl, totally unconcerned that we leave in 18 minutes.  Wait in living room-sized area.
0758  Follow flight attendant with other 15 passengers through miniature security and out to plane.
0759  Discover flight attendant is actually co-pilot.
0800  Depart Cancun in very noisy turbo prop plane.
0810  Circle airport and land again.
0811  Listen to lengthy announcement in Spanish.  Full English announcement: "We have mechanical."  Return to living room waiting area.
0945  Once again pass through mini-security.  No boarding pass or documents requested this time through. 
0946  Reassure Stylish that the plane is fixed, the noise is normal, and we really, really, I swear really are going to be fine.  Depart Cancun.
0955  Watch pilots navigate via handheld garmin gps.

"At the intersection in 400 meters, turn right."
0958  Indy needs the restroom.  There is no restroom. Tell Indy every three minutes that she is going to have to "be a big girl and hold it in."
1045  Land in Merida.  Rush inside to use restroom.
1051  At urging of co-pilot, rush back outside with restroom group to reboard plane to continue on to our desination, Villahermosa.  No boarding pass or security this time – just a door to the runway.
1245  Arrive at Villahermosa.  Starving.  (Meal times of 0730, 1200 and 1800 are strictly observed on Papillon).  Climb in car and head out to ranch.
1500  Lunch (hungry).
2200  Dinner (oh so hungry.  And sleepy.)
0000  Bed.  Vague feeling that sentience fled body about three hours previous.  Mental shrug.  Sleep.

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Mom of Little Red said...

Good Job Stylish. Sorry we didn't send a question. We like what you post - you don't appear to need input.