Sunday, April 10, 2011

Disaster strikes

Hello, all and sundry.  This is just an administrative post.  My computer, my sad and long-suffering Vaio has decided it has had enough.  It has given up completely; it will no longer even boot.  Erik is kindly sharing his workhorse of a Lenovo for the time being.

What it means for you, dear friend, is not only that I have lost several fascinating half-completed posts, but also that my address book is trapped deep in the bowels of my dead computer.  My email access, spotty at best, is now further limited.

And so, anyone who needs to reach us on Papillon, please use only the email associated with this blog.  No attachments, please.  And wish me luck with the chkdsk and system repair fairies.

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bunny9 said...

Thanks for the update