Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Singing Norwegians

Back in Norfolk, oh so long ago, we found ourselves docked not far from a Norwegian tallship named Statsraad Lehmkuhl. A neighbour told us the ship was pulling out at 6pm; as it was already 5:15, we of course hastened over.

Erik couldn't get enough of this boat. He examined it from every available angle, took photos, and pointed out the sights to us. The girls and I were getting hungry and cold. As six came and went, I was wondering when this thing was going to get moving.

Then the crew started climbing the ratlines, then filled the yards on the front mast. Well. This was a curious development. The ship started to pull out... and they began to sing.

I have to tell you, this warmed my Grinch-like heart. It was worth every moment of standing in the cold.


Little Red and the Wolf said...

I hope this catches on. I look forward to hearing your sea shanty soon.

Anonymous said...

Dad & I have watched this haunting lament many times. Beautiful!